If you own a swimming pool that is open to public use, it is essential you get the appropriate signposts to indicate the rules, regulations and dangers of the pool. Pools are hazardous places which can often be the cause of unfortunate accidents and injuries but by strategically placing our pool signs you can help reduce the potential hazards becoming a problem.

Our pool signs can signify a variety of important messages and these range from the warning of shallow or deep water, regulations such as no diving, the presence of a wave machine and even an area suitable for scuba activity. A combination of pool signs can help separate a pool into certain areas which are appropriate for a particular use. This can help a pool become much more user friendly and enjoyable.

Pool signs can be ordered from us in durable 0.40mm thick aluminum or more commonly they are available as plastic polystyrene. If you choose, you can also obtain the pool signs as decals or even magnets.

Signs near a pool are key in ensuring the safety of all its users and due to the number of dangers present, they are an absolute necessity.