Safety Signs for Elevators

An elevator has become a part of the everyday lives of millions of people around the world. However, in the worst of extremes, these usually safe vehicles can become potential hazards. If there were a fire in a building, the usual practice would be to avoid the elevators and take the stairs to an exit in which a person can flee from the heat and smoke of the fire. However, in extreme cases an evacuee of a building on fire may panic and attempt to utilize the elevator for a swift trip to safety.

Traveling in an elevator during a fire is extremely hazardous as the fire may spread into the elevator shaft. This situation may cause all of the oxygen to be replaced with toxic gases, which can be life threatening to occupants of the elevator. Another risk is that of damage to the external workings of the elevator and its shaft. This can result in a massive failure of the elevator and its safety measures, resulting in the risk of the elevator dropping.

All buildings need to clearly display elevator signs that assist occupants to know when an elevator is hazardous to use. Other cautionary elevator signs available deal with elevator use restrictions, disabled elevator access, and an elevator that is out of service.