If there is a crane on the premises of a business, there should be a sign posted to inform people to be careful. Of course, everyone walking by can see there is a large machine there, but they may not know that there are inherent dangers in having one on site. In order to keep your employees safe, to keep those walking by safe and to keep you free of legal liability, it is essential to post these signs up at appropriate distances to warn of the possible danger. Made of sturdy aluminum, these crane safety signs will not break; they are manufactured of a high quality metal that will match the sturdiness that construction sites require.

Vitally important to modern construction and building, the crane is the ideal solution for moving oversized or heavy loads. There has been a lot of various training measures and on site precautions, but accidents do sometimes occur. Of course, the risks are inherent for those who operate these lifting machines, but there is also risk for the people working around them.

OSHA has given extensive guidelines on how to exercise safety with a crane on site. On a rare occasion, a crane can become unstable, and the whole construction area is prone to accident. Thus, in order to remain compliant with government and building regulations, these signs must be posted all around the work area. Protect yourself and others by posting a series of these high quality, inexpensive signs.