In the case of a fire emergency, a fire alarm is vital to swiftly commencing the evacuation process. Without a fire alarm, the news of a fire would not spread throughout the workplace fast enough, risking the lives of many.

In order to prevent any injury or loss of life fire alarms are installed throughout a building. To further ensure safety, it's best to clearly mark them using bright red signage depicting how to operate a fire alarm in case of an emergency. For the most part, a fire alarm is hidden behind a thin layer of protective glass that can easily be broken to set off the high volume siren and signs displaying instructions can help ensure that patrons know this in the case of an emergency.

A fire alarm is often located near the major exit points and in some cases is connected to a power source. To prevent a fire alarm from accidentally being triggered, instructional danger signs are used to inform employees of the specific importance of that power connection and how to proceed. Fire alarm signage can also indicate how to use a fire alarm and where it can be located in case of an emergency. Through safety training programs, all staff should be fully versed in the workings and operations of a fire alarm.