Instructing your employees on the correct lifting techniques and back safety is essential in helping to prevent any serious injuries and signs with lifting instructions can go a long way to stop unwanted accidents. If your employees are frequently lifting heavy objects they will know the importance of lifting correctly but by placing our signs around your workplace you can be certain that everybody knows how avoid a potentially serious injury and how to prevent any long term back troubles. Lifting injuries are often some of the most common and serious injuries in manual labor and a sign with lifting instructions will ensure that all hazards and dangers associated with lifting are minimized.

The lifting instructions on our signs demonstrate the correct posture to adopt, they encourage people to bend their knees when lifting and they also display the potential dangers when lifting is performed incorrectly. They feature prominent instructions and easily understandable pictures to remind workers of the importance of correct technique.

Lifting instructions signs are available in standard plastic polystyrene or they can also be purchased as a more durable aluminum 0.40mm. They are also available as magnets and decals.