In today's industrial world, there are numerous pieces of equipment that pose serious burn risks due to excessively hot surfaces and heat emitting orifices. Employees and visitors in the vicinity of these areas need to be well aware of their presence as well as the proper safety procedures they may entail. All employees dealing with hot and burn substances or surfaces should always use extreme caution and our hot and burn signs can be placed in the vicinity of a danger zone to ensure that happens.

Hot and burn instructional signage can be placed throughout an industrial setting to help avoid any injuries that may occur due to the misuse of or carelessness around a hot and burn surface. These hot and burn signs are clearly marked in either a bright-red danger format or the highly effective sunshine-yellow cautionary aesthetic.

Our hot and burn precautionary signage boldly ensures that employees are aware of the imminent danger of hot fluids, gases or surfaces. Order yours today in high-quality polystyrene plastic or heavy-duty aluminum and feel good knowing that you've done your part in preventing senseless and costly accidents. Hot and burn signs are also available in the form of useful decals.