Safety First Signs

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Safety first signs convey a wide range of messages, all of which highlight the necessity of care and caution to be exercised. These may include:

  • Bend knees to lift
  • All accidents no matter how minor must be reported to supervisor
  • To avoid contamination, wash your hands before eating, drinking or smoking
  • Buckle up, wear seatbelts
  • Clean up spills
  • In case of emergency dial 911
  • Wear ear protection
  • Caution: acid: wear rubber gloves

All of these signs remind the public as well as employees of the safety measures that must be adhered to and the potential hazards that may exist. This bold reminder serves in the best interests of their safety.

Safety signs should be placed in an area that is clearly visible to the public and prove to be most effective when place on a blank wall at the entrance to the area where caution is required. Prioritize safety on your property or premises by placing one or more of SignsToYou's bright and eye-catching signs at eye-level. We have a wide range of Safety first signs that cover all the necessary messages you may need to convey to the public. Signs are available in plastic, aluminum and decal or magnetic.