Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate substance that was exploited commercially for its use in construction. Decades ago, it was very common, as it was put into ceilings, walls, and thermal ducts around homes, office buildings and warehouses.

In modern times, asbestos has a severe stigma due to the fact that people who inhale loose fibers of this material accidentally can develop several different kinds of cancer, from lung cancer to a rare cancer that is only associated with asbestos inhalation. While this material is not harmful if it is not breathed in, the presence of asbestos causes fear in those who inhabit a building with it.

In 1978, the use of asbestos was banned in the United States; however, its use was still allowed up until 1986, making asbestos removal a heavily demanded service.

Asbestos removal is done by professionals in the removal and abatement industries. There are large companies that handle warehouse removals, and there are smaller firms which can handle the removal of this material from a home. If you own a business dealing in asbestos removal or abatement, these signs are essential to your business. Creating professionalism and safety, posting these signs before you begin removal work is necessary.