A fire extinguisher is an essential element that by law that must be present in every industrial and commercial building throughout the United States. Having one readily on-hand is absolutely essential in areas of hazardous materials and industrial activity - places where fires are likely to occur. Should one take place, they can result in injury and large financial implications for a company.

Specially designed cautionary signs are used to indicate the placement and regulations surrounding a fire extinguisher. With the help of these, employees and the public can have a clear understanding of where a fire extinguisher can be found and how to operate it.

In a fire, time is of the essence and fire extinguishers need to be accessed quickly. SignsToYou can provide bold red signs to indicate their presence in both images and text. This way fire extinguishers are always clearly marked and displayed so that every employee is aware of where they can be found. It is essential that all companies endeavor to train their staff fully in fire safety, with special attention aimed at knowledge and skills instruction on how to work a fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher is a small device with a very big purpose and should always be clearly marked.