Gas lines are present all around us in the floors of the buildings, streets, and buildings in which we spend our time. These gas lines carry in them highly flammable and toxic gases used in homes and all levels of industry. SignsToYou can provide bright yellow and red cautionary signs instruct employees and the public of the presence of gas lines in the vicinity.

In many cases, gas lines cannot be seen by the naked eye as they are often covered by ground, concrete, or plaster to protect them from exposure and damage. Gas lines are normally safe in their placement. However, they do cause complications for those who need to work around them. Often, buried gas lines can easily be punctured by heavy construction machinery or worn down by the elements. This is why prominent placement of safety signs notifying employees and visitors of gas lines can go a long way in preventing accidents.

Order your gas line safety signs today and avoid learning safety lessons the hard way. These signs are available in your choice of durable polystyrene plastic, heavy-duty aluminum or alternatively as a decal.