Confined Space Signs

Putting up a sign to designate a confined space is an easy and cheap way to keep employees and staff safe. This high quality sign comes in aluminum and polystyrene, both of which will last for years, posted inside of outside a designated space.

Most workplaces actually have areas which can be considered to be confined since the way they have been engineered and built causes them to be restrictive of the movement of employees. Indeed, OSHA defines one of these spaces as being one which hinders the activities of staff members who enter, exit and work in these areas. Thus, these areas are not meant for continual occupation.

In order to find out if your business has a confined space, managers and business owners should look into the OSHA regulations which state that there are many kinds of areas that would be legally considered to be confined. Some examples include underground vaults, storage bins, pits, manholes, tanks, pipelines, process tubes and silos. If you business has any of these, you must post a sign designating it as a confined space. By doing your due diligence, you will protect your employees from injury and protect yourself from being fined upon inspection thanks to these signs for a confined space.