Barbed and Razor Wire Signs

Barbed wire is a great deterrent for keeping out unwanted people, animals and other intruders. If you have a sizable piece of property, standard fencing will rarely be enough to prevent intrusion onto your private property. The sharp rolls of steel will cause robbers to go find an easier property to invade and most pesky animals will not attempt to cross a fence that poses an immediate threat to their well being.

While putting up barbed wire is certainly one of the best ways to prevent intrusion onto your property, some governments require that the owner post the presence of this sometimes dangerous obstacle. While the owner may have in mind that putting up this sharp steel fencing will prevent bad people from doing bad things, children may also encounter this and think they can scale the fence without issue.

Posting a barbed wire warning sign stating that there is barbed wire is required in some jurisdictions. Failure to post the appropriate sign may cause the property owner to be held liable for injuries caused by the steel barrier. Putting up this sign will prevent people from getting hurt while also keeping them off of your property. It will also prevent you from being held liable for other people´s actions.