If a workplace contains a number of low ceilings or machinery that obstructs a person's normal walking path, the installation of overhead clearance signs will help put a stop to any future accidents. A clearance sign is commonplace in the modern world and if your business or company contains any low obstructions which are not given prior warning it is likely a number of unnecessary injuries will occur. A clearance sign from us will help protect employees and visitors alike.

Overhead clearance signs generally come in two formats. The first warns of injury to the head while the second is more flexible and allows a specific height clearance to be labeled onto the sign. The second style of clearance sign can be used for vehicle clearance which is perfect for a factory or warehouse.

Our overhead clearance signs are made with plastic polystyrene although they can also be ordered in a more durable 0.040 aluminum. They can also be ordered as magnets or decals if preferred.

The overhead clearance signs we sell are bold and striking and grab the attention to provide an easily understandable message which is important for clearance signs in an industrial space.