An electrical arch flash occurs when an overload of energy bursts outwards from its source creating an explosion of light, fire and noise.

During the industrial welding process an electrical arc flash is released which can be extremely harmful to the naked eye. The bright direct light caused from the electrical arc flash can sear the corneas causing temporary to permanent blindness. Due to the risks associated with an electrical arc flash, it is vital that a company utilizing industry welding takes measures to protect their employees. Protective equipment and signage is needed to safeguard employees of the potential risks associated with an electrical arc flash.

By displaying warning signs employees know to avoid looking into the electrical arc flash given off during arc welding. A company can help prevent needless workplace injuries by prominently displaying precautionary electrical arch flash signage. Highly durable and water resistant signs clearly and effectively warn employees of arc welding in process and the risk of exposure to an electrical arc flash. These signs announce precautionary instructions such as: to wear goggles in designated areas, to take caution, beware of danger, and how to avoid injury. To prevent any accidental injury due to an electrical arc flash prominently display these signs as frequently as possible throughout areas where arc welding may take place.