Emergency Signs

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An emergency by definition is an unexpected situation that requires the utmost of urgency in order to deal effectively with the problem. Due to the sudden nature of an emergency, most people are not mentally equipped to handle the stress and panic of such an occurrence.

Panic and fear resulting from a fire or an accident can cause even more damage if employees or visitors are unaware of what to do in a crisis. In the industrial world, green is the international color to represent an emergency and hospital care. Emergency signage is used to help instruct employees on how to behave in the event that something goes awry.

All signs used to demonstrate emergency procedure or regulations are represented with bright and highly effective imagery and text. This is to ensure they can be easily identified in the case of an emergency. Emergency signs instruct employees in situations such as a chemical spill, fire, injury, emergency machine stop buttons and worker assembly points in case of an evacuation.

It is highly imperative that all staff working in a hazardous environment receives the correct emergency training. This is to make certain all employees know how to deal with any possible emergency situations they might face. Education and familiarization of all emergency signage is important for all staff members to prevent workplace injury.