If your business works with chemicals it is vital to highlight the danger and hazards involved and this be can done effectively through the use of well placed signs. Our poison and pesticide signs are dramatic and clearly understandable and they can help prevent the incorrect disposal of chemicals, they can indicate where poisons and pesticides are stored and they can even offer advice on the correct protective clothing to wear.

Poison and Pesticide signs can help prevent any serious accidents to people and if there is no warning to the presence of some poisons they can cause illness or even death. Pesticide related deaths are known to happen amongst children and this is another reason why poison and pesticide signs are essential.

Our poison and pesticide signs cover a variety of issues and warnings and there is bound to be a suitable sign for every business that deals with chemicals. Many of our poison and pesticide signs depict a skull and cross bones and this is a signifier of death that transcends any language. The message portrayed is very clear because the seriousness of chemicals is not to be underestimated.