Using industrial machinery is a dangerous business and it is immensely important the dangers and hazards are clearly highlighted to everyone operating the machinery. Our Machine safety signs can help reduce accidents and injuries related to machine use by providing instructions and rules which are boldly stated. Injuries caused by machinery can be severe and disfiguring and it is best to equip your workplace with the appropriate signs before it is too late. Often work places are obliged by law to provide the correct machine safety signing in the working environment and if an accident occurs without the suitable warning it could lead to a number of problems.

Machine hazard signs are headed with a striking black and yellow caution heading which draws the attention. Under this are big, simple instructions and usually a picture which depicts what rules to follow. Our machine safety signs provide warnings of what not to do, demonstrate where hazards lie and encourage that rules are to be followed at all times. Machine safety signs are perfect for an industrial warehouse or factory and ensure accidents will be a thing of the past. Signs are available in polystyrene, aluminum and as magnets and decals.