Health and safety is always of the utmost importance and this is particularly true when it concerns swimming. Public swimming pools can be very hazardous places and swimming pool safety is always a priority. Our signs are especially effective in these circumstances as they can display in clear, bold writing precisely what is and isn't allowed at the pool. Whatever your rules are, with our custom designer you can put them on the sign at no extra cost. Alternatively a sign that forbids swimming could be crucial in saving people's lives were they to consider swimming in a potentially dangerous river for example. Make sure you don't take any chances with swimming pool safety and invest in one of our low-cost signs.

Our signs are made from high quality .080 aluminum, which is twice as thick as the standard .040 offered by many of our competitors. We like to provide a quality product you can trust and you be assured that our thick .080 aluminum signs can withstand the stress of the outside and will last on average approximately seven years.