A fake security sign can be equally as effective as a genuine one. Our security signs are noticed immediately and their message is clear and bold, whether it's fake or real shouldn't make a difference because people see the sign and know when to back off. Security issues are a problem for every household, business or public building and our signs can provide some of the most effective protection against any unwanted trouble. If there isn't a sign in our selection that caters for your needs then we also offer the option to customize your own design at no extra cost. Our sign designer is fully functional, easy to use and allows you to create the sign you want with the warning you want.

The fake security signs we offer are made with thick .080 aluminum that is far more durable than thinner signs offered elsewhere. If your sign looks like the real deal, then it communicates like the real deal and that is exactly what we provide. You can rest assured that your sign is fake but nobody knows except you.