Automatic gate systems can be very useful and provide a lot of convenience. However, they can also be a danger which should be warned of through the use of a sign. Vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists could all be put in danger when approaching an automatic gate that isn't signposted. Therefore it's always best to take precaution and to make sure accidents are avoided by placing a sufficient warning. Our automatic gate signs command attention and are instantly understood. For a very competitive price, they can save you a number of potential problems.

Our signs are printed on durable .080 aluminum, which is twice as thick as the standard .040 offered by other companies. This extra thickness helps the signs survive in the tougher outdoor conditions and in addition to that our signs boast an average life of seven years. The reflectivity of our automatic gate signs also meets most state regulations so you can be assured they are always visible. If you have any questions our customer service team are available via email, phone, fax and live chat.