In the effort to preserve a mature and safe social environment for the responsible consumption of alcohol and to comply with strict legislature on underage drinking and gambling, it is absolutely essential that dance clubs, bars, casinos and adult entertainment venues declare that the admittance of persons under the age of 21 is strictly prohibited. Bold and severe signs that clearly outline company policy will help immediately dissuade underage members of the public from trying to enter a venue in which there is inappropriate content. Make your policies clear and protect your establishment from prosecution by putting up signs prohibiting the admittance of people under 21. Choose from one of many high quality, highly reflective nighttime "No admittance under 21" signs or customize your own sign to suit the theme and ambiance of your social venue at no additional cost. Either way, make a statement against underage drinking, gambling and the exposure to inappropriate adult content while protecting the interests and safety of your business and responsible patrons.