One of the biggest issues our planet faces today is the warming of our climate in response to anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. Emissions from cars, trucks and machinery all form one of the greatest contributions of greenhouse gases to our atmosphere. Therefore it is in the best interests of our planet, all of its delicate ecosystems, the environment and human society that we do our best to curb these emissions. Idling cars and trucks serve no purpose but to exacerbate global warming and waste precious non-renewable resources such as oil. "No Idle Zone" or "No Idling" signs promote a cleaner and healthier environment by reminding the driver to turn off the engine when waiting. In some places, it is against the law to let your vehicle idle, but for those localities whose legislation has not yet dealt with this issue, do your part to be eco-friendly. Furthermore allowing vehicles to idle greatly increases the risk of auto theft.

Place "No Idle" signs outside your business, establishment or home to kindly but sternly remind drivers to curb poisonous and greenhouse gas emissions while ensuring the security of their vehicle. High quality aluminum signs are available from SignToYou in a myriad of designs, shapes and colors, or you may design your own custom sign at no extra charge. Shipping takes two business days or less and special discounts are offered for orders exceeding a certain cash amount. Preserve the environment and our cities from smog and pollution and prevent auto theft. Condemn idling.