No Cell Phone Signs

Noisy phone calls can disrupt the concentration and productivity of both employees and students. Subsequently it comes in the best interest of a business, school or university to prohibit and/or restrict the use of cell phones during the workday. Additionally, the use of these electronic devices often distracts people from a myriad of important operations such as driving which can pose serious safety hazards. "No Cell Phone" signs aid to regulate and curb cell phone use when it is important that the concentration of individuals be maintained. This can prevent accidents and help ensure the safety of both the device owners and those around them. Such signs have become necessary in today's modern environment where just about everybody owns a cell phone and yet no one is taught basic cell phone etiquette. No Cell Phone signs are fast becoming essential in all sorts of places including the businesses, schools, lecture halls in universities, on roadways, on airplanes and in cinemas or theatres where certain very impolite individuals insist upon answering phone calls in the middle of a movie. Not only are these signs fundamental for maintaining a peaceful and productive working environment, but also for ensuring safety on the roads and in the air.

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