Skateboarders are often associated with all kinds of misdemeanors, particularly the destruction of property. This may occur with or without malicious intent but regardless is the reason why many places disallow this sporting activity to take place on their premises. In addition to this, skateboarding is often exercised in public areas such as parking lots, public parks, sidewalks and streets where a high density of pedestrian and motorized traffic renders the sport dangerous to both the skateboarder and the public. "No Skateboard" and "No Skateboarding" signs serve to inform skateboarders of areas that are not safe for them to ride and/or where they will potentially present a danger to passing customers or pedestrians. In some cases, action becomes necessary against the vandalism of property or the disruption of employees when skateboarding introduces trouble into your area.

You can ensure the safety of both your patrons and the pedestrians in and around your establishment by erecting a "No Skateboarding" sign to warn off skateboarders. SignsToYou offers an extensive range of bold sign templates for this purpose, or you can elect to create your own personalized sign that best suits your business and/or feelings towards skateboarders. Signs are delivered within two working days and less, so why wait? Protect your property and your valued customers. Avoid incident and injury.