Security alarm equipment is often neat and tidy and does not attract much attention until it is called into action. However, the mere presence of a security alarm may simply not be enough of a warning to any potential burglars and in fact it may even go unnoticed. That is why it is important to have a sign that clearly indicates your property is equipped with a security system. If the alarm itself isn't seen, then our striking and prominent sign will definitely be seen and it will provide a suitable warning to anybody who thinks otherwise. Security alarm equipment will provide you with a sense of relief but a good sign will give you a much greater peace of mind because you will know its plain for the world to see that your property is alarmed and prepared.

Increase your security today by ordering one of our security alarm signs. We ship all our orders within two business days and we ship via all major UPS services and United States Postal service priority mail. If you have any questions our customer service team are there to help.