In an effort to curb crime and vandalism in urban areas and suburbs across the globe, concerned citizens continue to band together to form a Neighborhood Watch. Statistics have shown that the mere presence of these crime watch organizations can greatly reduce the number of criminal incidents. With the aid of striking and strategically placed signs warning potential criminals of the presence of these anti-crime strategies, incidents of burglary and other misdemeanors can be greatly reduced in your neighborhood too. Signs indicating an area under Neighborhood Watch will ward off the interest of potential criminals and so it's in the best interests of you, your family and your neighborhood to place signs that are easily visible to the public.

SignsToYou provides high quality durable aluminum signs that come pre-designed or custom made to your specifications at no additional cost. Why tolerate crime in your community? With the aid of 10 years worth of experience in creating striking and effective signage, you can keep your neighborhood safe and crime-free. Discounts are awarded for large quantity orders of the same design. All orders are delivered within two working days or less and same day shipping can be arranged upon special request. Act now against crime and let the criminals know that you are watching.