Restricted area signs are designed to keep unauthorized personnel out of areas in which they are strictly not allowed. Our designs are prominent and eye-catching with a simple bold message which will heighten your security and also the health and safety of those who abide by the sign. If you work in a restricted area then one of our signs could prove invaluable to maintaining your privacy and ensuring that unwanted accidents do not occur. With our custom design option you can create a sign to suit your needs precisely. Unfortunately, sometimes people choose to ignore signs such as these but by customizing your sign you can guarantee that your message of warning will be communicated exactly as you want it. This service is offered at no extra cost and our professional customer service team is always on hand to give you any assistance.

Coupled with one of the authorized personnel only signs we offer, the two signs would provide a genuine deterrent to anybody who considers ignoring them, allowing you to feel secure that you have taken the right action to prevent any potential danger.