Our authorized personnel only signs are ideal when you absolutely do not want uninvited visitors into a particular area. Glaring and to the point, these signs pack a big punch because they have to for the sake of safety and privacy. Unauthorized personnel heading into restricted areas could potentially lead to any number of problems and one of the most effective ways to prevent this is through an attention-grabbing sign. When displayed next to a restricted area sign, the two signs combined will send out an intimidating and crystal clear message to anybody who sees them.

Our signs come with pre-drilled holes to make pole mounting an easy task for the customer. They can be shipped within two business days, so you can get your warning sign installed even quicker than you imagined. We also offer a range of sizes from 18" tall x 12" wide through to 18" x 24" and if you can't find the sign you are looking for then you can customize your own design at no extra cost. We like to ensure the customer finds what they want.