With the roads and highways as dangerous as they are, no precaution is ever too much. The same applies to "Wide Load" signs. If you frequently carry large objects that require "Wide Load" signs - such as mobile homes - you could definitely benefit from creating custom car magnets featuring that familiar phrase that warns all motorists on the road to keep their distance. You are not only protecting them and yourself, but also the property you are hauling. "Wide Load" signs should be highly visible from a distance, and our car magnets accomplish that easily. We can make custom car magnets to fulfill this role and ensure that you and your cargo are both protected from other drivers on the road. Plus, since many states require these signs to be placed on your vehicle and cargo, we are helping you maintain compliance with all relevant laws. Do not rely on a small sign that is hard to see and vulnerable to weather, wear and tear. Go with our highly durable, all-vinyl car magnets that can also be UV-coated for maximum protection from the sun. You can't afford to rely on anything other than the best. Our car magnets will be there for you for some time to come.