If you are a postal carrier and need highly visible identification to mark your vehicle to other motorists, our postal carrier car magnets are for you. Postal carriers - especially rural postal carriers working for the United States Postal Service - benefit from having their vehicles clearly and plainly marked. The old standby of a simple white and black sign that says 'Mail' often is not nearly as visible as it should be, especially when your vehicle is making frequent stops to deliver the mail. With magnetic vehicle signs placed on the sides and rear of your vehicle, you will be assured that drivers notice your vehicle when you are on your route. Our magnetic signs are large - 12" x 24" in most instances - and can be digitally printed in full color to catch the eye of any motorist coming your way. They will also last you a long time because we craft them with care from durable vinyl that can withstand what the elements throw at them. You deliver in rain, snow, sleet, or hail, and so do our car magnets. Plus, you can customize your car magnets with the look and content that you want. Postal carriers everywhere can benefit from having postal carrier car magnets on their vehicles.