If you are a security professional, and are a part of a dedicated security team that protects the premises of businesses and institutions everywhere, you need to have vehicles that are clearly marked, identifying you as security personnel on watch. Our security car magnets offer that identification to you. Part of your job, after all, is keeping a careful eye on your premises - a job that is made easier when everyone knows security is on the job. You can create custom car magnets that get the message across in style. Our magnetic vehicle signs are made out of resilient vinyl that can withstand anything you come across on the job. Plus, you can create your own design for whenever you go out on patrol. The premises are certain to be safer when would-be perpetrators realize that you are on the job when they see your vehicle, emblazoned with a bold security sign.

Our magnetic signs are built for professionals like yourself who need bold statements and eye-catching messages for their vehicles, wherever they go on duty. Look to magnetic vehicle signs for your security vehicle and help make your job a bit easier with a magnet that says you are ready.