Many people utilize car magnets to advertise their business or service; however, you can also increase the safety of everyone around you by purchasing affordable vehicle magnets to alert those nearby of student drivers. Before teenagers are released at the wheel it is essential that they have formal instruction and experience in driving; however, this can be relatively nerve-wracking for the parent or teacher sitting in the passenger seat. Now you can protect your student as well as those nearby with ease by utilizing our affordable car magnets. If you are a drivers' education teacher you can easily stick the magnet on your car when a student is driving and remove it with ease when commuting for other purposes. This same philosophy is great for parents who have teenagers with driving permits. By informing other drives of the student behind the wheel, you are instantly increasing the safety of everyone. For example, when passing a vehicle with "wide load" signs, we often slow down and proceed with caution. The student drive vehicle magnet can serve the exact same function and encourage surrounding drives to be cautious and mindful of the student driving the car. Do not allow your student or teenager to get behind the wheel without a car magnet that increases the safety of all.