Are you in a trade? Are you a plumber, electrician, carpenter, septic specialist, or other tradesman? If so, you probably would like to take advantage of a low cost, high impact advertisement method that gets the word out about your business and services without lifting a finger. This method is found with car magnets. You can create a car magnet that showcases your services loud and proud, with large (12" x 24") magnetic signs on your vehicle. Let everyone who sees your car know what you have to offer. Imagine having a large, colorful sign that features your logo while you drive around in your service vehicle. People will see your sign advertising your business and will be more inclined to give you a call. After all, tradesmen are highly visible because you travel from job to job all over the community.

What better way to advertise your services than by using magnetic vehicle signs that go everywhere with you? We give you the ability to custom craft your own magnetic signs via our website. Just tell us what you want and we'll make it happen. You can depend on our tough, resilient vinyl magnets and the inexpensive advertisement they offer.