If you are in the trade or transportation industry- such as working for a carrier - and engage in interstate commerce, you are required by law to have a US DOT number. Now, you can make sure you are always in compliance with the law as you go about your business with a US DOT car magnet. These magnetic vehicle signs prominently display your company's name and US DOT number, as required by the Department of Transportation. Not sure if you need one? If your business crosses state lines, involves a vehicle over 10,000 pounds, carries between 9 and 15 passengers for pay or 16 or more passengers, or carry hazardous materials, you will need a US DOT number. The law also requires that it be displayed in such a way that makes it easily visible.

Our magnetic vehicle signs are crafted from resilient vinyl that is assured of staying put and handling anything a long haul can dish out. They also are large and colorful, and can make sure that you meet the legal requirements day in and day out. If you want to make sure you are fulfilling all the legal obligations for operating your trucking, trade, or transportation business, then go with our US DOT magnetic signs.