These sidewalk signs are not the typical A-Frame signs your mother used. One of the common hindrances to placing A-Frame signs outdoors are windy conditions and the constant tipping of traditional signs. These wind resistant sidewalk signs offer a durable solution which lets you set your sign outside and then have the peace of mind to continue with all the sales you will generate with it.

The wind resistant sidewalk signs are not only able to endure windy conditions, but still offer you the convenience of easily swapping signage, or sign panels with one another.

In addition to withstanding winds, the motion of the sign when swaying with the wind adds another eye catching feature which draws the attention of passers-by. While other signs are falling on their faces, our wind resistant sidewalk signs will be sure to grab the interest of the crowds.

Be sure the graphic for your sidewalk sign is attractive also. Along with your durable and useful sign, a graphic that stands out will certainly earn you more revenue. Send in your artwork and ask how we can make your sidewalk sign perfect for you.