Wooden Sidewalk Signs

Whether you are looking for a chalkboard sign or marker board sign, add a touch of class and spring for the wooden frame sidewalk signs. With a sleek and fashionable wooden frame, these sidewalk signs look great in any setting from café fronts to pet store specials. These A Frame sidewalk signs are also durable and easily transportable, making set up a breeze and tear down quick and easy.

You have the choices of chalk board or marker board wooden frame sidewalk signs, in which there are a large selection of marker choices available. There are exciting marker choices like fluorescent or bright chalk markers that will surely stand out and appeal to the crowd.

The wooden sandwich board sign is rigid and when taken care of will give you several years of service. The ability to fold up makes the wooden frame sandwich board sidewalk sign easy to store and transport. Be sure to check out our other sidewalk signs that offer a variety of choices from changeable lettering to custom printed graphics. If you have questions about your sidewalk signs, please call us or chat with us online.