Banners are a simple and useful advertising tool that we here at Sign to have made even better. We have thousands of templates available for you to browse and even get new ideas for your advertising needs, but what makes us unique is that you are able to customize any banner you would like and even upload your own artwork as you go. There is no extra cost to customize or create a banner with your own artwork, so have fun and do whatever you would like!

Searching websites and what sort of banners they have to offer can be confusing. So let us make it easy for you understand what you are getting when you order from us. Every banner we make gets grommets, which are industrially-punched brass-enforced holes that you can pull rope through, which we also send with every order. Your banner has sown borders, and the banner material is a 13oz scrim, which essential means it is a vinyl reinforced with a finely woven fabric to give it that outdoor durability. Last but not least, we print with high quality fade-resistant inks at 720 dpi which give you detailed graphics and as many colors as you would like for no extra costs.